Boat on water no physics ?

I’m trying to make a boat appear as though it’s floating on water. Thing is I’ve tried with physics adding force and torque for movement but this doesn’t behave exactly how I want. Not entirely sure about the water but thinking of displacement, no idea if this is a factor.

Can anyone suggest how to fake boyency with a controlable spring like motion. Also speeding up and down with a falloff ?

I’m not an expert but if your water is moving you can set the boat inclination in real time with this function if you want.
place this function on your Player Blue print ( Boat ) connected with an event being play. ( or when you are moving this boat )


Like this:

Good idea thanks. I guess at minimal I could do a cross axis, just tilt left / right or forward / back. The things I mainly need is a) ease in / out of forward / back motion, b) something that looks like boyency.

I’m a bit unclear with a timeline node. If I set min / max values from 0 to timelimit, then at some point by the blueprint alter the time that it takes, does this keep the max value at the new time or does it cut off ?

I tested the Timeline and yes it cuts off at the new time. Gone with a standard loop counter.

So I guess either no one else likes this post enough to comment or just don’t know. I would really appriciate some guidance.

Made a post on this here