Boat and player movement problem

You can use the Attach Actor To Actor node, and attach the character actor to your boat actor.

Hi, I have a rudder mode to move the boat and I want the player to move with it. How can I do it?

I don’t get it to work :’(

If your player is on the boat when the boat starts to move doesn’t your player move with it?

No, that’s what I want to do :frowning:

Look this =(=(=(=(
alt text

you can see it better here

What happens? Because if your player stands on something and that something moves…does the player slide off? Like how is the player NOT moving with the boat if he’s standing on it when it starts to move?

Looks like you have your collisions messed up if your player is moving “through” the boat. Check that the boat is “blocking” the player character collision presets and player character blocks the boat.

Post pictures of your collision settings for the boat and player. I was able to get a 3rd person character to move with a floating platform pretty easily. But if I set collision to “overlap” or “ignore” the player does what your player does and kind of moves through the boat. Also check and make sure your player character doesn’t have default movement as “flying” for anything it can have that effect if that is the case.

Just realized you are using “add relative” location to the mesh not “world”. that is probably your issue.

I’d tried what you told me, still doesn’t work :’(((((

  1. Try removing the branch, I don’t think it is necessary, when the axis is 0 it won’t move anyway.
  2. What is the relationship between the boat and player character? Are they 2 separate pawns? do you possess the boat? how exactly do you enter “rudder” mode?Show me screen shots of both the player character, boat, the code that puts the player into rudder mode and the collision properties of the boat and player.

Sorry if that seems like a lot but without sitting next to you it’s gonna be hard to help without all that info haha

Did it work and if so how did you fix it