Boardgame (card game) on UE4 for beginner

Hi everybody.
I create a boardgame and I want to make it digital. I’m noob in scripting but the blueprint system make me think that I can do it with a lot of work.
My game is a 2-4 player. at your turn you can do 2 actions from 4:
-put a card on your board
-activate certain card to draw
-take a card face up on the board
-discard cards from your hand to remove counter from your card on your board.
At the end of the turn, all your cards on your board will move to the left. when a card go off board, the number of counter left on it make -1 victory point.

Each card is different and got power for combo. I will have to script all 140 cards individually but I have to script the main thing first (board, actions, end of turn, etc…)
I purchase CCG toolkit but I don’t know how to begin. I did some tutorial but there aren’t so much for board game.

Any advice to begin???

Thx in advance