Board Map

Hello everyone,

Could anyone of you help me out ? I’m new to game development and I’m still a little confused, I want to create a world map like this:

The player should be able to interact with the map, by clicking on all of the different countries.

Any help is appreciated.

P.S I’ve already created a thread in the Content Creation Forum, but I havent’t received any answers yet.

You may not be getting any responses because this is actually a fairly large request. It sounds simple, but - as with most things in game development - it really isn’t. :slight_smile:

You have a map, which you could render as a simple Sprite - but the trick comes in segmenting each country out. I can think of three ways to do this:

  • Draw approximate boundaries on the map and assign those volumes with a country name/info. That requires being able to draw on the map and store all those points in individual sections which is something you’d have to add yourself.
  • Have each country individually modeled and then just assemble the map manually - the collision would be handled for you given the countries are made up of actual geometry and not just a large flat sprite.
  • Make sure each country is a unique color, grab the color of the pixel under the mouse cursor, and use that as an ID for the country.

All valid ways to solve it, just depends on what you’re trying to do and what options are available to you.

Thank you for your kind response :smiley: a friend of mine told me I should split my idea into simple tasks. Therefore thank you for pointing me in the right direction :). I’ m trying to create a game like Crusader Kings, only in the present and not in the medieval times. I like your idea of drawing approximate boundries and colouring the map in order to seperate each country, as I’m not good in 3D modeling :/. I will look if I find any step-by-step guides regarding your advices, I think this will take a while until I found out how this works :).