Board games : shogi chess checkers and more ( if i can ^^ )

I didn’t want to open thread at first but as i am wondering, i open it to have your opinion.

i’ve been working on a board game system. Mainly for shogi, but it will work for chess, checkers even tafl and others if i can. I uploaded a short video to show what i have yet done :

First seconds are useless but i promise to do better next time :stuck_out_tongue:

My question is: What do you think camera would do ? Being stuck on “mouse click action” like it is on video or being able to move when you want? (without animation camera movements consideration)

Any advice welcome ^^

Just added a basic umg start menu to access chess and shogi boards. It needs some specific actions and camera setting but it goes fair. Then i’ll have to find a designer to do the levels design and characters.


Super cool…

Hi , first you did a really nice job, what steps did you use? Type for the table is all in BluePrint? And for the various pawns you used the Blueprint Behavior?
I tried to do something but I’m stuck :frowning:

@ President and Abyssus : Thanks for nice words. It motivates to finish it ^^
@Abyssus : I did all in blueprint.
At first, i decided to not use tick to reduce computer use (for phone and lower computers usage but not sure it is in fact a good idea or not).
Over is done with grid squares.
Then action is set on click square and go to “character master” which have all the main functions (only particular ones are in dedicated character like disabling squares for rook or bishop which are after an “attack” square.) which is enough for chess but not for shogi :p.
Then i added a “stack zone” to have the “i’ll be back” effect where i over like on the main board and teleport.
I use the grid set up to know lines for promotion.
I now have to set particular cases like forced promotion and “you can drop here but you can’t because there is a rule, so you can’t” and figuring winning situation check and event.
I don’t know if i’ll set animations considering that the project which i did this is now over for me. But my daughter want a 3d chess game made by dad, so i’ll may have to… ^^

If you are stuck and i can help you a bit, don’t hesitate to pm.

Hi ,

This is pretty amazing stuff! I have wanted to try shogi for quite a while, hopefully I’ll get to if/when you release this.

I will keep an eye on this thread, looks like you will have solved problems I’m going through.

I’m doing a chessboard and chess piece based puzzle game which isn’t a game of chess, but applies chess piece move logic.

Part way through creating a UMG menu, and part way through developing clickable and hoverable squares, and the actions those require.

I think a mistake I have made is using a full 3d model for the chessboard itself as each square will probably be recreated as a primitive, converted to a mesh, and sit just pixels above the level of the board model, so kind of pointless having the model in a way, although placing the pieces use the model currently as a reference to where the x,y,z location values when placing the pieces.

How have you set up your board?

p.s. Can’t watch the videos until I get home, but looking forward to it.


@ : i liked a lot your if/when, so i’ll do my best to make it being a when ^^

@Loucsam : I used the “grid maker” shown by Ian Shadden : Procedurally Generated Map Lag - Blueprint - Epic Developer Community Forums to spawn squares on which i have added an overlap box and do my over event in square Bp. (at first i had an instanced one but as i couldn’t use each square except for destroy i finally used a “spawn actor on begin play”) then used or square or character.

Thanks , I will check it out properly tonight.

Hi ,

I just don’t want to assume what you are doing with your project :). If you decide to publish it know that I am very interested in checking it out!

Howdy ,

Great work so far with your Chogi, Chess, Checkers… project! I am really excited to see how this project turns out. Keep up the great work and be sure to keep us posted as you progress along!

Thanks and have a great day!

Hi ,

What do I use for my procedurally generated chess board to get click and hover of each square, and then to be able to identify each square being clicked, and hovered over?

Should I be looking at BluePrint Interfaces, or add the onoverlap onclick events directly in that procedure that creates the instances(one black mesh, one white mesh)?

p.s. I’ll open a new thread if you prefer me not to take up space here.


Nice work.
How did you do the grid and the system to move the pawn ?

Thanks ^^
First i spawned a grid based but with a spawnactor instead of instance (maybe it is doable with instance too. It needs to be tried to see instances limitations)
To do the bi color chess 88 one i used my 99 shogi grid and toggled color on spawn and destroyed last square in row and line ^^
If you add a variable (or 2) in your square blueprint then you can set is value based on line and row for chess (then you’ll hav a full notation system ready to use.
I used the basic mouse over event for hover on square (and now with your vars, you see coordinates with a print string)
For interact system i used an overlap mechanic which have the trouble to need boxes in square and i dit not interface but used a “get overlap actors - loop - cast to square / Cast to master-character” or “get overlap component - loop - cast to capsule”
but using a line trace can be faster set up
I wondered too about using an interface, i don’t know if it will better considering that there is not so much interactions.

@Loucsam : No need to open a new thread ^^

I’ve seen a new chess tutorial in forum “community content” section. I haven’t looked at but maybe there is a fair sytem in…

Don’t hesitate to ask more if you need.

Here is my spawning grid for both shogi and chess. The difference is made on the cast to at the end of blueprint. I dragged to middle down the two vars to use to have your letter/number grid (you’ll have to set a “if 1 then A if 2 then B” system)

It seems that i forgot to say : There is a gridsquare Blueprint for spawn and a square blueprint which is the ineracting one.

I forgot too : The three inputs : row and line are a int var : default “9” and square is a “Chess square blueprint” from level blueprint to change them or directly set in input.

As i have make all mechanics for shogi (except check and checkmate limitations which needed too much time for a project i am no more involved in) i no more work on it but i’ll do another video to show the promotion - auto promotion and drop systems

Thank you very much , for the above and mentioning the chess tutorial. I’ve watched those and they are very helpful.

I’ve started out down the path of instanced meshes, which I’m guessing has less memory footprint.

For just a chess board adding 64 static meshes shouldn’t be too much problem with memory, but clearly adding large maps built from all static mesh types would eventually become an issue. I’d like to learn both ways.

I might try the add static mesh way instead and then try instanced later(maybe).


If you have too much troubles with instances to communicate, you will may like to use a box grid added on square grid and use it instead of the mesh. (What i was trying to do at first step but i finally added box and square in a single blueprint.)

sorry to revive an old thread. do you have any source code for shoji chess or other board games?


Sorry but it has been lost in a broken hard drive like another project i did here (maze) but you can find a lot of threads about chess here and on . Shogi just add a bit more difficulty. About boardgames you have some examples in the learning tab of the launcher too.