BMUD - Blow Me Up Dude


Hey guys! we’re working on a FPS/TPS with a simple twist called BMUD - Blow Me Up Dude. As you shoot others they start to get big and fat (haven’t punt in the fat part yet lol) until they explode and lose a life. The health system is inspired by both Max Payne and Smash bros. The Maxy Payne through the UI and Smash Bros through a percentage based health.

Once players reach 80% they enter RAGE! mode and are able to dish out more damage depending on which weapon they are using. At the moment we are figuring out how players can use team work with interactive environmental assets.

There are a few bugs that we’re fixing The game is generally inspired by the old skool shooter such as TimeSplitter, Golden Eye and Team Fortress. We’re trying to bring back that golden age of shooters. With more focus on FUN! quirky-ness and team work.

Please join us on this amazing journey and send us your feedback and Ideas, we’d love to hear from you!


Show me the gore! Sounds fun and catchy. :stuck_out_tongue: