Blutility Editor Functions vs UEditorEngine


I was wondering if there are plans to improve/increase the Editor functions available through Blutilities.

With the existing functions (Editor | Unreal Engine Documentation) I am limited to casting selected actors and running functions on the actors themselves.

I’m hoping to be able to write some editor tools and get some of these functions available:(UEditorEngine | Unreal Engine Documentation)

  • Spawn/Add an actor to a level (AddActor) - for InstancedStaticMesh bulk batching/optimization, I need to drag my container actor in every time. Beyond this one example, there are a ton of tools that would benefit from this
  • Move actor to a level (MoveSelectedActorsToLevel) When dealing with a ton of assets, it would be nice to be able to move them into correct streaming levels through a Blutility
  • Rename instance (SetActorLabelUnique) the available “Rename Asset” renames the actual .uasset file instead of the instance
  • Replace Actor (ReplaceActors) if I want to do this, I need to drag all replacements into the level, bulk select everything, move the replacements into place and delete the original after doing a cast comparison.

With a few more Editor specific functions, I would be able to write tools to help facilitate level cleanliness, streaming map contents, world outliner readability, automated optimization support tools, etc.

Thanks in advance,


Hi James,

Thank you for the report. We’ll respond as soon as possible.


Hi James,

This is a topic that I care a lot about but I’m afraid there are no short-term plans to expose more existing functionality to Blutilities. It’s certainly desired and going forward we are trying to build new editor APIs as reflected/Blueprint-aware as they are made.

You should be able to expose most things pretty easily using a UBlueprintFunctionLibrary subclass wrapper, and feel free to submit what you come up with and we’ll try to merge it in and maintain it going forward.

Michael Noland