Blutility doesn't generate buttons in 4.4

Editor version 4.4.3 official release

I recently noticed the GlobalEditorUtilityBase doesn’t generate blutility buttons for custom events or functions, as it did in 4.3.

Editable variables still show up in the window and Event on Default Action Click does work.

Recreation steps:

1)Create blutility from GlobalEditorUtilityBase

2)Create a function

Hi dissonanceint,

I just want to verify that we are going about this the same way.

  1. Enable Blutility under Experimental & restart the editor

  2. Create a Blutility bp choosing class GlobalEditorUtilityBase

  3. Double-click to open the bp (NewEditorUtilityBlueprint)

  4. Go to Window > Blutility Shelf

  5. In the Blutility Shelf, right-click the icon > Edit Blueprint

  6. Create a Function

  7. Add a Input & Output, then connect them

  8. Compile & save

  9. Go back to NewEditorUtilityBlueprint

Result: No button or info is listed in the Blutility Details panel

Although I originally didn’t do the “Add input & output part” (because it wasn’t necessary for my function), it doesn’t work either way.

Is an input and output necessary?

I found this in the forums so it seems I’m not the only one:


Hi dissonanceint,

I just wanted to make sure that we were using the same steps. The function used on the forum post should work fine.

With that said, this is an experimental feature that can be unstable from build to build. Our devs are aware of the issue and will be working to implement a more stable version of Blutility in the future.


I have the same question…