Blutility/Call in editor, is there any way to actually save spawned components?

So I’ve realized I might have wasted my time on making a system that allows me to make randomized buildings in the editor with Blutility as I can’t seem to find any way of actually saving the components I add with it.
Is there any workaround to be able to save components that I add to the level with Blutility/Call in editor?

I have a wonky workaround of using the Instance Tool by @Nate to turn my already instanced static meshes spawned with blutility into instance actors in the level which allows me to save them, but it’s not a great way of doing it.

I would love to get some help with this, there isn’t much documentation on blutility.

@Sitrec, what engine version are you using? I tested with 4.15.2, HISMC instances spawned by blutility saved with level just fine.

Here’s the blueprint I’m using:

It works for actor that already has valid ISMC or HISMC. (Don’t add new ISMC/HISMC via blutility)

Oh fantastic, I didn’t think of that.
The problem was that I didn’t add instances to a pre-made HISMC, I made them via blutility each time.

Thank you!