Blury textures

I made an object with 2048x2048 textures, but for some reason, sometimes the textures become blury when I’m more then 5-7 feet away which is awful …
and it goes to like maybe 32x32 hehe, you can barely see anything … and only if you are infront of it (1-0.5 feet away) it’ll be as it suppose to be.
but it happens sometimes and not all the time.

why does it happen ? and is that going to happen on shipping packaged project ?

Edit: It turns out, when I’m selecting the folder of the asset, it’s not blury and all the textures are sharp and all the normals working
and when I’m selecting another folder, it goes all blury again, even when I press the play button.

When I had this problem, I found out it was a Mip issue. For me at least, I was able to circumvent it by setting MipBias in the Material for the object to -1.

Eventually I came up with a system that sets the bias to -1 when the camera is close enough for it to matter, then 5 when it’s too far away to see finer details for the sake of performance.