Blurry App and Screenshot on 4K Screen

I am trying to get really “crispy” looking app on 4K screen. But why it looks so blurry after I build the app. Even the screenshot is blurry but it’s already 8000x5000 pixels.

Does UE5 support 4K screen? Do I need to edit something on the Engine so it will look good in 4K screen? Should I use “EnableHighDPIAwareness 1” from the command?

Hi there, new to Unreal myself, so take this with a grain of salt. Try setting “Screen Percentage” to 100 (or even higher). For some reason apparently the Editor renders at lower than full resolution by default, I think it was set around 60% for me when creating the project. This setting does also affect the build-in screenshot tool. Note that for high settings at high resolutions your graphics card might run out of memory.

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Wow it looks totally different now! Thanks a lot!

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