Blurred Vision

Does anybody know a way to trigger a blurred vision effect through Blueprint? In this case it needs to be through triggered when a player interacts with a specific item that blurs out their vision for a period of 10 minutes. I am relatively new to UDK as I have spent the last year developing a game on Cryengine 3 which my team has decided to migrate on to Unreal Engine 4.

I achieved an effect similar, the way I did it was I created a new macro on my character with 2 inputs (exec, float) and 1 output (exec) then set up the macro blueprint like so


Blur time is in minutes, and the vision variable is a post process type with the camera as the target

The defaults for the vision variable are as so


And then I run it like this for debugging perposes


– Hope you find this helpfull

–P.S if you break the post process struct and go down to “scale” near the bottom, scale takes a float value which you can use an “finterpto” to create a smooth blend from clear to blurred