Blurred play in editor?

How come when I play my map in editor it becomes blurred and fuzzy?

All my settings are set to “epic” what’s going on?

Sounds like either texture streaming or motion blur post process. Without a screenshot I can only wildly guess.

I’ve got ue4 installed on my machine at work, can get you a screenie tomorrow.

How do you resolve either of the things you’ve mentioned?

Funnily enough I couldn’t find a global post process actor but did find a post process actor I set the 3 motion blur values to 0, it made a slight difference but nothing huge, the text label in my map are still pretty blurry and they’re not too far away either!

Please help!

Does it become blurry as you move around or it’s blurry even if you don’t move the camera at all?

Both, I think

check the ‘screen percentage’ setting in your post process volume, it should be set to 100%. if its set to something lower than that, you’re gonna get a weird blurry image. also make sure you havent got a depth of field effect messing with things.

screen percentage was unchecked but set to 100, I’ve selected it and set to 100.

It’s blurry in editor too:

In Game:

When you move, it becomes sick inducing:

How do I get it so that you can see the text as indicated by the various text labels in the image and without the blurriness?

Your first 2 images show the text on the floor are blurry, and that’s because of mip mapping I think.
The third image is showing motion blur. That can be disabled in post process volume.

How do I access mipmapping?

for motion blur, my settings are PostProcessVolume >> Details >> Settings >> Motion Blur >> All 3 options (Amount, Max and Per Object Size) are checked and set to 0.0?

When the 3 options are simply deselected the blur is considerably worse.

What am I doing wrong?


I’m having a similar issue!

I cant get that first menu up as its a label and not a texture, its the same one as when you open up the default fps level and says “first person template”.

Any ideas?

OK so the text is being mipmaped as everyone else has said, but there’s a texture for that. Click the text actor, open the material for it, find the texture for the alpha, open that, and change the mipmap settings there. that will fix the text issue.

For the motion blur, Epic have made a pretty **** move imho (I mean, i get it, defered rendering kinda makes it mandatory, but still). there’s a default post-process setting within the camera that over-rides a lot of these settings. if you set your post-process setting to anything higher than ‘0’ priority] that should fix that issue.

Ok I’ll try doing that, I’m a complete newb so excuse my stupidity but is this post process setting that you speak of in the camera and do I set this to 1?

Guys I’m not having much luck at all with the level above its a font and not a texture.

In another level I’ve set the mipmaps to none to for all textures with both a _D and _N suffix as suggested above, I’ve set the postprocess volume motion blur to 0 and I’m still having the same Issues, please have a look:

In Ed:

In game:

Moving in game:

Guys I’d really appreciate your help in getting to the bottom of this

Can you please post a screen of your Post Process settings?
Like this: ImgFuel – Your 100% Free picture Editor and image Converter

Also try setting Anti Aliasing from TempralAA to FXAA or None. (It’s in the Misc in post process volume).

Please bear with me as I’m away from my machine for a few days

Here’s the PPV details:

Switching the AA mode to FXAA makes a negligible difference on the text level but all AA modes look horribly pixellated and way worse than currently with the landscape level.

Any ideas?

Please help, As I’m tearing my hair out!

Go into the console while playing and type:
r.motionblur.amount 0

That should fix the motionblur.

Does what MrGoatsy mentioned fix the problem?