Bluprint connections don't light up

I’ve been working with Unreal Engine for the last few days, and what I found most useful for debugging is that the connections on the blueprint light up when the relevant code is activated (for example, when you press H the connection between the H node and the node after that lights up, or if I have a branch the connection from either true or false will light up according to what happens).

The problem is now that I have a particularly strange bug to find and fix, the connections don’t light up anymore!
I have no idea why it happened :frowning:

Does anyone know how to fix that?

When the game is running, make sure that you pick the right instance of the blueprint you’d like to debug in this drop down.

The only option I have is the one you marked on your picture, so that’s obviously the one chosen. Also, I see it’s something about breakpoints?
I didn’t use breakpoints so far and the connections would still light up- up until now that is…

If there is no debug object there then it’s not actually tracking anything. Start playing the game, press f8 and then select the debug object you want to be tracking.

I’m not trying to trak a specific thing, I just remember it generally showed the flow of information from node to node, without me having to check a specific thing

You will still need to pick a debug filter, otherwise how does it know which player you want to filter for, or if you even want to debug at all?

I don’t understand your question.

At the beginning whenever I played the connections of the blueprint would light up where the code is currently running. Now it doesn’t, and I’m trying to find out why it stopped.

I did not mean to have that question mark in my previous reply. Are you testing this with multiplayer? Where are you having this issue?

my game has only 1 player, and I have this issue sometimes in both the BP I created and in the level BP, and sometimes only in the BP I made.

do u mean the bug when the wires dont light up? they go dull. it happens with breakpoints normally, Just recompile and it fixes it.

Recompiled, it still doesn’t light up :frowning:
I’m really lost in the debugging without this