Blunder - UE4 Style Template for Blender 2.8

Hi Everybody, I posted this on the Unreal subreddit a couple of times, figured there would probably be some interest here, as well.

The idea behind the project is that some people spend a lot of time in UE4, don’t have funding to access Maya, 3DSMax, Substance Suite etc.

For them, I would like to wrap all the exciting new features of Blender 2.8 in a theme, window layout and keymap that mirrors (where possible) that of UE4.

Quick Feature List (Current Version 0.2):

  • Left Click Select

  • Left Click and Drag for Box Select

  • Shift + Left Click to Add to Selection

  • Ctrl + Left Click to Remove from Selection

  • Right Click + WASD Navigation - function is identical to UE4

  • UE4 Tool Shortcuts:

  • W - Move Tool

  • E - Rotate Tool

  • R - Scale Tool

  • T - Transform Tool

  • HDR for approximate lighting

  • Scale matched, objects import from UE4 and export to UE4 at 1:1

  • Mannequin imported and setup with materials in EEVEE node editor

Here’s the download link: Blunder by Spectral Vectors

It’s still early on in the project, but any feedback is welcome. I’m planning on adding more features, as it doesn’t yet deal with the most common Blender>UE4 issues like animations, rigging w correct bone rotations, UV automapping, custom exporter etc. Thanks for checking it out!

Copy Pasta from Itch: Blunder is a** Blender 2.8 Application Template** to make Blender look and feel like Unreal Engine 4.
! - This template is in active development, please report bugs - !
0.2 Update:
- Traditional Right-Click context menus mapped to Shift-Right Click
-Alt-Left Click now Rotates the view (make sure to center your selected object with the F key), Alt-Right Click now Pans the view - Thanks to u/deathclonic!
- Removed many conflicting keymaps across Object and Edit modes, opting for a more scorched earth method with keymappings, leaving the originals left too many conflicts, some that would only become apparent in very specific situations - Thanks to u/RealityRig!
- Scale has been adjusted for import and export, 1:1, no special scaling needed, however, Blender units are now quite small, so meshes can appear almost invisible when added to the scene, this will be addressed in a future update - Thanks to u/falola!
- Blender’s Node Editor now behaves more like UE4, Right Click and drag will move the screen, select nodes and press C to wrap them in a frame (similar to Unreal comment boxes)
- Unreal Mannequin now has its original textures, normal maps and materials set up in EEVEE renderer
- Startup.blend now has all linked files packed in automatically, this should solve the pink sky issue (I hope…), as well as any file relinking issues with the UE4 Mannequin textures, but the file is now 130MB!
Many thanks to everyone who downloaded and tested the template, all your feedback and input is very much appreciated!
** 0.1 features include**:
- UE4 color scheme and window layout
- Left Click Select, Right Click Navigation (Hold Right Click, move with WASD) with Box Select, Add to Selection and Remove from Selection mapped to the same controls as in UE4 (Click and Drag, Shift-Click, Ctrl-Click)
- 3rd Person Template project from UE4 recreated in Blender w HDR lighting (from and LookDev view mode using EEVEE renderer lets you see exactly how assets will appear in UE4 HDRI: Approaching Storm | HDRI Haven

- Blender unit scale set to match UE4 (0.01), and UE4 mannequin is in startup scene to help with scale reference for design

- Widget based object manipulation: after selecting an object use the transform widgets to move, rotate and scale your objects with the mouse

- Widget controls mapped to match UE4: W - Move Tool, E - Rotate Tool, R - Scale Tool

 - Other helpful shortcuts like: A - Select/Deselect All, F - Focus view on selected object
Future Updates planned:

- Add Common Items panel to the left side of the Viewport to have one click access to add Basic Mesh, Camera, Light, Reflection Capture etc, as in UE4

 - Add macros to assist with tasks I most commonly use Blender for: optimizing meshes, UV mapping/remapping, modelling basic props and items, new FBX exporter, glTF exporter

- Anything else that you might want in this kind of Template! Let me know: