Bluetooth communication with Wahoo hardware

Hi - I’m hoping to communicate with a Wahoo Kickr (a bike turbo trainer).
Has anyone tried to communicate using Wahoos API (ios xcode based) or tried to communicate with any Bluetooth fitness hardware ?
I know that this has been done with the Unity engine but I wanted to see if anyone has done this in Unreal.
I understand there is a Bluetooth plugin for unreal but I wanted to check if this is feasible based on the API below.
The Wahoo API page is here:

did you find any solution, i am working on same project. my game is going to run on all platforms. so whats the best way to use bluetooth connectivity ?

Hi apologies for the delay. No I had no luck and put that project on hold. Did you find a work around? Any of the searching I’ve done brings up the same queries I posted in 2016 so it doesn’t look like there has been a whole lot done in this area.