Project Title:


I am aombk from Greece and i have an idea for a game.

I have written game design documents about it, done modelling, texturing, audio, music, animation and also done some blueprinting while learning unreal engine.
everything is far from finished but blueprints and/or c++ are complicated for me.

it would be great if i could get some help with blueprints or even better if a team could be formed so i could focus on things i enjoy and know how to do.

the game is an atmospheric first person adventure / survival in a very small but detailed world. inside and around an airplane crash, in a freezing cold environment.
you play as Anna and you try to survive, find out where you are and call for help.

the game is small, simple (kind of), single character, single player and feasible. (not some complex huge open world MMO that may never end)
so the [ROYALTY] in the title means something.

but i could also consider paying for help if we can figure out a nice way we can cooperate.

anyone interested can PM me or respond here.


here is a video and some screenshots:





Hey, game looks great. I am extremely interested in helping. I have done computing and ICT at school, and have currently started a level 3 computing course. I am very interested in helping out with the game while learning as I go along. I have not used UDK a lot before, but I have a decent knowledge of how programming works, and would be able to pick it up quickly.