I’d like to treat Blueprints more like the physical analogue the name implies. It’s odd that I can’t literally print out Blueprints so I can study them. These are complex interactions but I’m limited to viewing them on a relatively tiny screen.

Print out as in on paper? And study it? You dare to jest, sir. Screens are generally larger than sheets of paper.

There’s or use the forum’s snippets tool.

I have an 11x17 printer, and paper doesn’t disappear when I turn off my computer. I appreciate the link, but I’d prefer an official tool.

And we have 85"+ tvs. The point is moot, imho. How much BP spaghetti can you fit on a sheet vs virtually unlimited graph space. What about functions, variables, macros, detail panel, many tabs that make one BP work?

I wouldn’t hold my breath. We’ve been waiting for important fixes for years. This is not even niche.

Admittedly, the linked tool did not exist some years ago and was just recently adopted by Epic.

Who knows, good luck.

I’ve love for you to buy me one. In the meantime I have a 27" G-Sync. And it like my computer cease working without electricity applied.

No need to be snide. I was merely pointing out the obvious.

Knowing BPs fairly well, I simply fail to see any benefits of having it on paper. None of the UE books fared well, and none survived, for example.

How could you even print panels? They are tall (several pages, with multiple collapsible sections) and narrow, and that’s half the interface. Having a bunch of nodes with no panel info makes no sense whatsoever. Tracking logic and data flow in BP is already very difficult. How could this work?

How about putting in on a eInk device? Needs virtually no power, great contrast. It could be a bunch of screenshots or zoomed out snippet graphs. Would that work?

A tool like this has never been ony any UE roadmap I’ve seen. I’m going to tap out on this thread.

Take care

I’m not being snide, I’m being someone who doesn’t have an 85" monitor. As for how I would do it, that falls in the category of not my job. Literally. If I was being paid to figure it out that’s another story.

To clarify, most people, including myself, have setups including 2x ~30" screens. 1440p helps. Some have 15" underpowered overheating laptops with not even an inkjet printer.

The TV was a reaction to me visualising you inspecting A3 sheets (them papercuts), which sounds much worse than a 85" inch TV.

Since no one, including Epic, is getting paid, the chance of this materialising are next to none.

I’m retired on an Army pension & Social Security so I’m definitely in the not fully equipped category, but I am working on a Master’s in Game Development so at some point I hope to afford such a setup. My hope is as the complexity on Unreal Engine grows Epic does add some functionality to visualize this stuff offline.

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There’s been a number of posts requesting better accessibility, especially device support for those unable to handle mouse & keyboard. Not sure how much was done here. I guess your request could also fall into the samish category.

Perhaps try to voice it here:

There is an upvote system in place. Chances are you’re not alone. Happy to cast mine for whatever it’s worth.

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