Blueprints with built in animations?

I’m new the forum so i apologize if someone has already posted on this matter.

I’m trying to create actor Blueprints with static mesh components that move either continuously or on command. In short I want to create a collection of objects with animations that I can simply drag and drop to build levels for a side scrolling platformer. For a simple example, I want to create a gear that is always rotating, while I can easily animate a single one in matinee, if I want multiple ones placed throughout the level, I’d have to do it for each one. I’d like to have an actor blueprint that has a matinee built in so I can just duplicate it and each one will move automatically no matter how many and where they are. I’m hoping to apply this to easily place doors, traps, hazards, moving platforms etc and later on down the road make either a random level generator or a custom level creator for players (but that will be a whole other post)

I’m pretty sure this process is easier than it looks and I’ve probably missed the one simple node or command that makes this possible, but I would appreciate any assistance,

Search for interpto video on youtube unreal channel. It has examples of simple animations.
Also you should use interpto for that kind pf animations, because simply updating values per tick is frame rate dependent.

Peep iTween in my signature. It does exactly this with dozens of built-in easetypes that InterpTo does not have. Plus you can change the animation at any time on the fly.

Add to that the fact that it’s free and I will personally help you get it set up. Give it a shot and offer your feedback!

Looked for YouTube videos of both, couldn’t find any. Can you guys post links so I can see these in action?

For iTween-

Video Tutorials can be found here:
Wiki Entry found here: