Blueprints vs Scratch

Comparing these two visual programming languages. What could one learn from the other and vice versa?

Some good things about Scratch are:

  • Tiles click together in a vertical stack.
  • The resulting stack looks very much like code
  • It is very neat
  • It’s colour coded

Some good things about blueprints

  • The lines animate
  • You can connect things together with less typing

Generally I wonder why blueprints were designed so the program flows from left to right rather than top to bottom like a written program language? Perhaps there could be an option to rotate everything 90 degrees?

It would be nice if blueprints could be clicked together like in Scratch or lined up on a grid.

I think Blue Prints were just designed to look like the other node based systems in UE4, like materials. The left to right design was probably purely done for reading (right to left). Top down and making it read more like code sounds like an awesome idea. As long as they can keep Blueprints as easy to use, I’d definitely perfer it to be setup easier to job into coding afterwards.