Blueprints vs C++?

Greetings everyone,

I’m a software engineer student and been already thinking for couple of years into getting in the games dev world. I have knowledge in most popular languages as my field requires me to, for C++ I would say I have above basic knowledge, like basic stuff then how to make linked list and and queues and these very basic algorithm concepts.

My question is, if I need to create a game, what are some examples I would need to implement C++ specifically for in order for it to work, and to what extent my knowledge should be in order for me to use the language to achieve this result. As I read that mostly games can be developed using blueprints and without need to write a single code, so I’m wondering what kind of stuff I would need to write a code for.

I hope my question is clear as English isn’t my first language. Thanks in advance. :slight_smile: