Blueprints visible in Explorer don't show up in Content Browser

I put my project on source control and then pulled it down on another computer. The .uassets of my blueprints are visible in the Windows Explorer, but when I load the project they aren’t visible in the content browser. Some other assets that I manually pulled from a USB drive are working, and they’re from the same project. The one computer was on 4.7.6 and this project is now on 4.7.7. I’m just trying to figure out why these aren’t showing up and there’s nothing in the log.

EDIT: I just found out that desktop was actually on 4.8, not 4.7.6, and so my project is from the future.

Perhaps those inivisible blueprints are ‘redirectors’, at least thats what I think they are called. If you rename a blueprint MyOldBlueprint to MyNewBlueprint, if its in use it will sometimes keep both files. But then MyOldBlueprint.uasset is a very small file that redirects to MyNewBlueprint.uasset. Is that the case here?