Blueprints - Undo issue

UE version 4.0.1 - 2027741

I created node in Blueprints, then i changed it (move and added another new node) and then I used “Undo”. New node was removed but Node which was moved still was on new position (should be move to the old position on which he was before change)

Just wondering, what happens if you undo another step? Perhaps it’s split into two separate actions.

Second what Artless said, sounds like the New node was removed, however another undo action would undo the movement and place it back at it’s previous location.

If I use “Undo” another time it just disappear but will not back to their place.

To be clear on what is occurring, are you trying the following:

  1. Create a Blueprint Node.
  2. Move that Node.
  3. Create another Blueprint Node.

What should happen when you press Undo is:

  1. Undo rename second Node.
  2. Delete second Node.
  3. Move first Node back to its original location.

Is this not what’s happening? Can you provide steps to your issue and I can try to reproduce it.