Blueprints Tutor Needed

Hi all,

I am looking to hire a person for regular weekly UE4 tutoring with the Blueprints visual scripting system.

I’m an experienced multimedia artist with a specific project I am working on, and in an effort to get the skills I need as efficiently as possible I am looking to hire a tutor/mentor who can help cultivate my deep learning. I am a hard worker in my own right and would be responsible for doing exercises, assignments, homework and research on my own. I’ve gone through the documentation and available online tutorials, I have familiarity with the UI and Blueprints, and what I need now is specific training to help meet my goals, help keep me on track, and steer me away from pitfalls.

If you believe you can help with the following, please contact me and we can discuss more details.

Desired Material to Cover:

  • Review of Blueprints system
  • Material Blueprints
  • Advanced Material Blueprints
  • Photogrammetry techniques
  • Creating an asset pipeline
  • In-game event-triggered video and photo texture manipulation

The ultimate goal is that I understand the Blueprints system well enough to establish a fast and streamlined asset pipeline for creating game objects out of real world objects on the fly. The most qualified tutor will have knowledge on the best way to do this. Eventually, these game assets (made from video and photo textures) will be manipulated, distorted and glitched in real time during gameplay, based on user, keyboard and mouse interaction. If you think you have some, but not all of these skills, let me know anyway and we’ll see if it still feels like a good fit.

Pricing is flexible based on experience, and I am able to pay competitive rates for expert level instruction. At the conclusion of our time together there is the opportunity to continue working with me on my funded game as either a technical lead or technical developer.

Please include the following information with your message:

Full Name
Example work/portfolio
Remuneration expectations
Daily and hourly availability

Skype: amoeboar

Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

  • John