Blueprints to C++ Series

I created a series called Blueprints to C++ on my Youtube channel. This series starts with the basics and shows how to convert blueprints to c++. It starts by setting up a project in c++, covers topics like UFunctions, UProperties and many more other things in depth from a blueprint to c++ standpoint.

Here is the playlist link to the series

This series has currently 11 episodes , and it will be continued real soon with more interesting topics and advanced stuff, after the current Endless Runner c++ series is finished. I am also planning to do a c++ beginners series for blueprinters in the near future. So if you are reading this in the future, all the stuff that is comming might be there already.

Here is an example video of the series , it covers UProperties in detail

If you have any suggestions or ideas for new topics, like if you want to know how to convert certain things from blueprints to c++ , please leave them in the comments.

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