Blueprints <-> Text

Would be nice to have a way to copy/paste blueprint nodes to/from text.

The reason is that any time someone posts a blueprint, they take a picture that takes a lot of space, and when someone else wants to use that, they’ll have to reconstruct the whole thing by hand.

It is a massive waste of time, in my opinion, and images are bulky and require full zoom most of the time.

It would be better if people could cut/copy blueprint nodes into text form, and paste said text back into engine as blueprints.

This shouldn’t be terribly difficult, and it is pretty much a matter of serializing selected portion of graph to/from json data or something similar. It is probably even possible to go as far as to provide online tool or browser plugin for quickly visualizing that serialized text data as blueprints.

You can already do this, though the text is hardly human readable.

Emm, you can do that already. Select your nodes, copy, paste in notepad to see the text itself.
Heck, we even have a site dedicated to this: