Blueprints stop working after changing levels in editor?

I’ve been having a strange problem with my blueprints. I’ve created a few blueprints that perform a function fine with no errors. (I don’t state what the blueprints do because this happens to all of my blueprints regardless of the actual function). I’ve noticed that if I open up a different level in the editor (not switching levels in game) and then load up the level with the blueprints, then start playing my level, the blueprints don’t work at all. The strange thing is that if I open up the blueprints that have these problems and then play the level again, the blueprints work fine all of a sudden.

For example:
Level 1 has a blueprints that allows me to open a door

I then load up Level 2 in the editor and start working there

Then, I go back and load up Level 1

I play that level, and my door opening blueprint doesn’t open the door when activated

I open up the blueprint to see the problem, no errors

I then play the game again, and the blueprint works all of a sudden

You play the game inside the viewport?

Try with the different option of play


Try New Editor Window, Standalone Game, And launch.

See if the problem persist, if not i suggest you to try to create a copy of the project (only the project data and not intermadiate and save) [and source folder if you use C++ to]


This will rebuild the cache of project and maybe fix the problem.

If not i think you have to report it to Epic with issue tracker

Thanks for your response. Playing in a standalone does fix this issue. My main concern was that this issue could possibly persist when I export my game, but I guess this isn’t the case. I guess I’ll just deal with this strange bug

like i write in the answer try to create a new copy of the project with copy only the folder in this image and project file


Remember to copy Source folder to (if you have C++ in your project).

This will rebuild the cache and intermediate data of the project, maybe the bug is caused by some errors in the generated files.

I hope you will fix with this, if not report it to Epic!

Bye! :wink: