Blueprints - Stealth takedown

Hey there! I’ve recently been working on a story based survival game. Every thing was going swimmingly until I hit this wall. I want to try and make a stealth takedown function. The basic gist is that when you are a certain distance behind an enemy, it gives you a prompt to perform a takedown (In this case, it will be a necksnap) and you would peform the animation whilst dealing 100% damage to the enemy AI. I’ve been searching for ages and I’ve yet to find something which fully explains the concept to me and it would be really appreciated if anyone here has a blueprint at hand or would be willing to give a detailed walkthrough on doing this. Just incase you need to know, I’m using the third person template but with a true-first person perspective on UE 4.19.0. Any help or advice on the situation would be appreciated greatly by me. Thanks!