Blueprints + states

Ive had a bit of a look around but keep coming back to animation + states

im wondering, in the Character BP how would i handle something like
event click -> stateA - > Do Stuff
-> stateB -> Do something else

the most obvious would be, movement logic split by Walking, Swimming etc…

You could use switches and enums.

ah ok
so i could create an Enum of PlayerStates, and have Walking, Floating, Climbing etc…
and link each Event (tick() etc…) to a Switch on PlayerState ?

There is no need to create an enum for those playerstates, if your pawn has a CharacterMovementComponent you can access it through CharacterMovementComponent->Get Movement Mode->Switch on EMovementMode.

ah ok ! i see
this is where i find BPs to be quite ugly

Wont I have to use this with each Event ? or do I create some sort of macro maybe :S

Is there a cleaner way to do this ? if not, no problem

Yes you would have to do that for each event, there are other ways of implementing states (can’t really remember where i read about it but if i do i’ll post it here).

cool, cheers Thommie =]
last question in regards with this, with EMovementMode, how can I add a state to it, or mess with the Custom state already there ? Is that in the c++ or should it be done in BP ? If so, where ?

This is just guessing, but i think you need to use c++ for that, it is likely that all the movement logic is handled in code.