Blueprints: Show function parameters as Local Variables


In blueprints, I think it would be very useful to show all parameters for a function as local variables. This way, you can drag them in to the graph as needed (in addition to them working the way they currently do), to avoid having connecting lines all over the place and to avoid storing the parameters in local variables yourself.

+1000000 :slight_smile:

Second that. It seams wasteful to create a bunch of local variables just to avoid lines go all over the places. Even if I add nodes to allign connections better you still have track back to the beginning to make sure that you are connecting a proper variable.

This has been requested ages ago, more than once probably.

Please up priority for this Epic, it’s such an obvious improvement to make for blueprint workflow.

+1 :slight_smile:

+1 Every time I have parameters in function I immediately store them as local variables

I’ve thought about the exact same thing today and found this thread. Big, fat +1 from me.

its required feature for blueprint readability, dunno why it’s not made yet

Yes, this would be great, I end up creating my own local variables every time anyways…