Blueprints scripting utilities Rename Assets function breaks references in skeletal mesh with child assets

This is my custom blueprint editor script to rename multiple assets. Ue4 version 4.27

Common usage:

  1. Pick many assets in content Browser (let it be SkeletalMesh, AnimSequence, Skeleton, PhysicsAsset - all from one fbx import)
  2. Select scripted action. Write shared name for assets (ex. “DoorOpen”)
  3. Script will look through selected assets
    3.1 If an asset is in supported types (created map with object class references as keys) it will add prefix from map (SkeletalMesh - SK, etc)
    3.2 If an of a one type is not single (you selected two skeletal meshes for example) it will add a postfix (number).
    3.3 In the end it renames the asset and goes to the next one.

Everything is working well, with many class types.
But it somehow breaks the references between skeletal mesh and skeletal, as an example.

When you want to open the asset, the window appears, saying “couldn’t find associated skeleton for the asset. Would you like to create a new one?”. And you have to pick the right skeleton.

Does somebody know how to fix this? Maybe I need to add some “reference fix” action? Common ue4 asset renaming works fine in that ways, why it doesn’t act the same way here?