[Blueprints] Prototype Menu System

Hi, I’ve been working on a prototype menu system for my game using UMG. It basically consists of a main menu, an options menu, editable video settings, loading screen and an in-game menu. I have just released the source code for the same in GitHub. So if anyone’s interested, they can check it out here:


You can find more details about the v2.0 revamp of the project at: https://unrealpossibilities.blogspot…prototype.html

The underlying foundation for the v1.x editions of the system is based on Zoombapup’s youtube tutorials: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MGpXyJz5QVk. They’re well explained and quite easy to understand.

Change Log:


Nice work, will check it out.

+++ Nice work

thanks, awesome, i will try it!

Dude I was just about to drive into setting this up for my demo, you’ve saved me a lot of time. For that I am extremely grateful.

That’ll be really useful - the menus are really broken in Culverin and being able to simply bypass them and replace them with some other system would be very, very nice.

Thanks, Glad to be of help :slight_smile:

i mean ,that is helpful ,thanks a lot.


I did a build of this and one issue is that the loading screen never appears and I cannot figure out why. In editor it is all working but no matter what I do for building it doesn’t work :confused:

building = packaging for windows.

Hi RynerLuteTLD, yes you’re right. I noticed the same a few days back as well. It happens if you run in standalone game too. I’ve come up with a workaround which seems to work. I’ll just do some more testing and update the Git source in a couple of days.

Thank for this, forked :slight_smile:

Thanks man that will help me out a lot as I have been trying everything. I was able to kind of hack it into working by making a map like you did for the main menu and have it load that and then go to my level but I rather not have to do hacky things like that to make it work :confused: I used yours as a reference when making my menu system for my game and it helped me out a lot and saved me a lot of time so I appreciate everything you did.

thank u very much

This is Orgasmic!!!

Excellent! I was just in the process to start with menu stuff, then i spotted this topic here, copied the content part, changed some settings… AND IT works! You saved me a few days of work!

I’m so happy now, thanks man!

I have already made my system … but I am keen to see how you did yours. Thanks for this. 8-} tips hat

btw, here is a Pause function for BP, works smooth - easy hack


Glad you guys liked it.

Thanks unit23, I’ve been making some changes over the past few days to make it more streamlined. I’ll add your game pause suggestion as well. Hopefully, there should be a new update in the Git source this weekend.

Glad to hear that you found it helpful. I’m updating the Git source with the fix for loading screen bug in Standalone game. I’m guessing that it should work for packaged games as well, but I haven’t tested that yet. So if you still find the bug, just let me know. Anyways here are the specific changes that you need to make to get the loading screens working:

Awesome work Stormrage256. A great head-start for giving your project that ‘its a game’ feel. Should be included into the Templates in my opinion.