[Blueprints] Projectile Path Display System

Released a new blueprint module for visualizing projectile trajectories. If anyone’s interested, I’ve shared the project on GitHub:…ilePathDisplay


Since there are already some existing community content that uses beam emitters to display the trajectory, I’ve gone ahead with an **instanced static **mesh based approach. Once the path display is activated, instances are added as required and scaled down to become invisible when not being used. They’re destroyed only when the path display system itself is deactivated. So that should keep the performance cost to a minimum when compared to adding/removing instances every time a new path is predicted.

For anyone who wants to use the system in your projects, the BP_ProjectilePathDisplay actor contains the core logic for visualizing the projectile trajectories. You can add it as a child actor to your weapons and call the “Activate/Deactivate Module” events to control the path display system.

Brilliant as usual !

Thanks bro! :smiley: