Blueprints Overview Example 1.2 Problem

Branch: Binary
Build version: 4.0.1-2027741+++depot+UE4-Releases+4.0
Interval: Happens 100% of the time.

Problem Description:
On Example 1.2, Sprite Component and PointLight Component not showing anything.

Reproduction: Load Blueprints_Overview.umap, Click Play, Go to Example 1.2

Attachments List: DxDiag.txt, and picture showing what is seen.

[link text][2]


It appears that you are in Play in Editor (PIE) mode. Those objects are being displayed for Edit Mode only. It is expected that they are not visible during play. If you hit ESC those assets will be visible again.


Ok maybe some kind of note on items like that to reflect that would help. Even a word between brackets or something such as “Displayed in Edit Mode Only”. Because I thought it would display a default sprite of some kind and a light would be shown while playing.