[Blueprints] On dedicated server, sounds are only heard on client even when multicasting to all clients

Hello all, I’ve been trying to wrap my head around this issue I’ve been having recently, trying to get sounds to carry from one client to all others, through a “Run on Server” event that calls a “Multicast” event.

My blueprints for the method are as follows:

Also, to perform the tests, I’m calling the Run on Server events from the player characters like so:


Despite my efforts, and no matter which sound function I use, I cannot get the sounds to replicate on clients!

I thought maybe that multicast was not reaching clients, so I added a string that gets printed, providing information about the event if it were to reach the clients.

Having tested (many times), the print strings do make it to all clients! However, the sound never plays on any other client besides the original.

Maybe my blueprints are set up incorrectly, or there’s something I don’t know about dedicated servers (I’m still fairly new to Unreal).

I don’t understand how the message (including the Sound’s reference and the location data) is reaching the clients but the sound is not being played.

Hopefully, someone could shed some light on this!

Figured it out. Realized that Unreal Engine mutes itself by default when out of focus. Quickly found a solution.

Enabled the following in DefaultEngine.ini and Engine.ini:


And the method I’ve been using works fine.