Blueprints - "Note" Function

Basically, just a way to add in logic notes. Similar to a pass-through “non-pure” function, but no input/output nodes, and instead, an editable text box. Better than making blank comment boxes everywhere in the BP event graph with nothing in them :wink:

You can add comments directly to a node if you are looking for more specific comment fields. If you right click a node there is a comment section that is tied directly to the node in question.

Yea, basically its for pre-planning the nodes. For example, I have (several) blank comment fields leaving me notes to add things for later, ex: “When player presses action button, play a matinee and fade sound track in” or another comment area which tells me, “After credits are finished, play fade matinee in reverse, fade sound out, and load next level”

All of this would be in the design document (Which I haven’t made yet :p), but it would be nice to have a blank function looking node with a text box for comments like this.

I’ve used reroute nodes with node comments to do such a thing

I didn’t think of using a re-route node with a comment. Thanks for the pro-tip :wink:

it is just for tidying the look abit or is it something else in this case?

ps: “just” is not to undermine the “tidy” factor here, being tidy is super important :slight_smile: