Blueprints not showing any content in UE 4.24

I’ve been getting this issue lately, where I open up a blue print and it’s completely empty.

What am I missing here, how do I “activate” the contents of blueprints when it’s entirely missing?

Window > My Blueprint. Are you talking about the windows or actual nodes inside of a blueprint that you’ve created and now they’re mysteriously gone?

The latter. I created a third person template and when I open up “Third Person Game Mode,” it is totally empty. I’m running 4.24.3

If you click **Window **at the top and select any one of the options, does anything come up? I just noticed you’re using a Mac - wondering if it’s just a bug with Mac. I have a Hackintosh and it’s working fine.



The answer turned out to be: Window -> Class Defaults -> Open Full Blueprint Editor.
Thanks for the push!

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Woohoo! No problem :slight_smile: