Blueprints not opening after 4.14.1 hotfix

seems like after the 4.14.1 hotfix any Blueprints i made in 4.14.0 crash the engine when trying to load…other stuff from previous engine versions seems to load fine in 4.14.1 except the 4.14.0 BPs

It could be a particular node setup in your BP that’s causing the crash. Does the BP open fine in 4.14.0? If so, you should post a screenshot of the node setup so Epic staff can see what the offending node might be.

You’re right, I hadn’t thought of that. Perhaps you should upload the offending BP in a .zip folder so Epic staff can have a look at it.

well they did open fine before i applied 4.14.1 hotfix…would have to install 4.14.0 from source to go back


I could not reproduce this issue on our end. Could you provide a zipped down copy of the project that is having the crash? Could you also provide the complete callstack (including machine ID)?

unfortunantley i didnt have debug symbols installed for the engine version so i cant provide callstack as far as i know, im uploading project with saved and intermediate folders removed to save on upload, the project contains marketplace content so where should i post the link privately

You can provide the project via a dropbox or google drive link in a private message to me on the forums.

cool i have sent you a pm on forums with the link, thanks for any help

After running some tests with the project provided I was able to create a new project and open FPSCHAR there. After opening, many of the reference are broken (expected). However, this means after simply moving a node around (to trigger a need to save), compiling, and saving I could move the blueprint back to the original project. I used this blueprint with broken references to replace the original. I would suggest using this method to keep from having to recreate the entire blueprint. Could you try this and then clean up all of the errors in the blueprint and let me know if you still get the crash when you are finished?

Note: I moved the asset from project to project by copying and pasting directly to and from the content folder in windows explorer.

i was able to restore it using that method, it seems to have a problem with the macro but rewriting that one blueprint isnt a bother all issues with lvls and other blueprints not opening stemed from that…thanks so much for your help

this issue now resolved thanks to rudy tripletts help