Blueprints lose function in development build

Dear Unreal Community,

I have been running into somewhat of a strange problem. When I make an .exe of my game, a blueprint class loses it’s functionality.

The game has several points where the player is required to activate a blueprint, this works for every point in the editor version and the game is fully functional. However, in the development build, with the Variant on Default, Config on Development and Data Build on By the book, only the first point can be activated, all the other points seem to not be responsive to the players input.

Is this a build issue? Or does this ring any bells in which I might have a setting set wrong? I Have no idea what I should be looking for with this problem and I could use some help from an knowledgeable member of this forum who can point me in the right direction how I might solve this problem.

Hope to hear from you soon.