[Blueprints] Local Group Selection (based on Halo Wars)

Got a chance to play through Halo Wars recently during a free weekend. I really liked how they used a local group selection mechanic to enable players to easily select multiple units without a mouse & keyboard. So I got around to fiddling with the idea in Unreal Engine and this is the final result. If anyone’s interested, you can grab the project files from GitHub:…GroupSelection


Also just want to point out that it does not involve any logic for controlling selected units. However, the system allows you to select all visible units at the click of a button. Unit cards will also be displayed based on the unit types.

For anyone who wants to use the group selection system in your projects, the BPC_GroupSelectionController component contains the core logic for identifying and selecting on-screen units. It does this by first identifying all units that implement the BPI_GroupSelection interface, and then checking 8 corners of an imaginary box around them to see if any of the said points lie within the screen bounds.