Blueprints is so difficult for me

Coming from unity and using C# I just can’t figure out how to do what I want with blueprints. I don’t know why. I don’t even know how to get a reference to anything with it.

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This video could help UE4 creating actor references - Blueprint communication, 4 different approaches inside of Unreal - YouTube

That video might be somewhat misleading. While it deals with referencing, I feel it would leave a lot of people confused. There’s more to communication than creating hard references - something that can be often avoided rather than advocated for.

Besides, teaching someone about Get(All)ActorsOfClass in the wrong context is like shooting yourself in the foot. High risk of pigeonholing onself into thinking this is the way. It is not.

Around 10% of all questions ever asked around here revolve around blueprint comms. This is a topic that has been officially documented, but seemingly nowhere nearly well enough. Tons of tutorials exist but with varying quality.

The problem with tuts is that they may simply not address the very issue you’re having or align with a feature you need. You may already be an experienced programmer, find BPs quirky and just need a, ehm, pointer in the right direction. Or you’re more of an artist than a scripter and couldn’t care less about the data flow behind it all.

I don’t even know how to get a reference to anything with it.

@theonerm2 - Could you describe the scenario?

  • who needs talking to whom?
  • how do those entities end up in the world?
  • what’s the scope?
  • think about what else might be needed once the actors start talking

If we do not know that, there is no good answer to any of the comms questions. It’d be a guessing game.

If you do prefer to crack it on your time, see here:

Much more in-depth and Zak’s presentation is charming :innocent:. The top-down break downs of the available methods are quite helpful, indeed.

Below is an official, somewhat in-depth example:

You’ll find those communication methods in BPs:

Which one to use and how to reference entities is circumstantial.

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