Blueprints is nice, go one step forward

Blueprinting is nice but as in the tutorial it is a mess to position a mesh, 2 lights, a text render etc. The more items you have the more messy it get.

Take over the Prefab Idea from Unity. You construct a structure for example a little hut from a village in the UE4 Editor. With walls, a roof, a campfire, chairs, a table, and so on… once you are done you select everything and make a blueprint out of it. With the Blueprint Scripting, this would be very powerfull. You could create a menu to select which interior to show to make the huts (in this example) individual.

You can create a Blueprint from a selection of Actors already using the button (dont remember the exact name) in the Details panel. It harvests all of the components of those Actors and adds them to the Blueprint. Its a one-way operation though, and you dont retain any functionality implemented in the Actors themselves - only their components.

Thanks so the feature I asked for is already there. I’ll try it out. That the functionality isn’t taken over isnt a problem because you can add it later via the blueprint visual scripting.