Blueprints Inheriting from C++: An issue with corruption.

Hey there,
I have been part of a team working on a UE4 project for over a year now, and we have experienced issues with blueprints that inherit from C++ for awhile now. I just wanted to know if anyone shared these issues or had any solutions / idea whats going on.

So the issue is, we have many classes that inherit from a C++ base. Note that all the variables in the C++ base are declared as UPROPERTY’s.

Anyways, we have had many weird issues : for example, our unit spawn points ( a blueprint inherited from cpp ) will randomly teleport to (0,0,0) when we open a map, messing up the entire level layout.

Sometimes, their transform will become corrupted, and clicking the object with the corrupted transform causes the engine to crash.

Things came to a peak today when no particle effects would spawn in our level. Turns out, there was a corrupted c++ inheriting blueprint in the level, (not associated with particle spawns), that when deleted, made particles work again.

Anyone know what could be going on here? I would be glad to give more information.