Blueprints in sublevels don't get animated by sequences during runtime

Hi there,

I’m actualy working on a game, where I need to stream sublevels by blueprint.
In these sublevels I use levelsequences to animate different kind of objects.

When I try to animate an object having it’s own blueprint class derived from actor class, I get the problem that during runtime the animation won’t affect the object. In the editor the animation looks right. Objects without blueprint classes work properly.

I got this problem in several different cases. They all have in common, that the sequence and its affected actors are part of an streaminglevel, that gets loaded by blueprint.

I uploaded a sample project here:, where I reproduced the problem in simple form. One sequence controlls two objects in a streaminglevel. One object with its own blueprint class the other one is just a cube. The blueprint one doesn’t get animated during runtime.

I hope this problem can be solved.

We’re working on a fix for this. We’ll try to fix it for the next release but if there’s a code fix you might be able to patch into 4.15, I’ll let you know.

This has been fixed and will be available in 4.16. I’ve requested that the jira be publicly visible for tracking purposes. The jira is: UE-43225.