Blueprints In-depth - Part 1 - Event Tick

Heyhey dear Blueprint folks and event tick users,

In this wonderfull talk on the slide around 24:04 Minutes

He say that “in 80-90% of the cases you can avoid Event Tick”

Now i have a basic question to the concept of blueprint(im coming from a VVVV Background)

I have a simple box in front of my player. This box should rotate like a turntable with a Sinus function.
The box should go right then left and so on.
And i dont want to do it via the vertex shader.

To do so i HAVE to use event tick with “SetActorRotation” or is there another way?

I can use Timers but for the visual update i need Event Tick right or it will not be smooth looking?

You can use a Timeline. It will also Tick for the duration of your “animation”, but it’s much better segregated (and you can stop it anytime).

Ah okey, thanks for the answer!
And if i want too loop the rotation endless i just plug in the “Finisched” Pin into “Play from Start” Pin :slight_smile:
Or should i go with Event Tick in this situation?

No, you can just open the Timeline (double click), you can tick “Looping”, and it’ll loop itself forever :slight_smile:

Oh nice Tip :smiley: thx a lot!