Blueprints in Cutscenes & Cinematics

Hi everyone.

My question is a general one about cinematics pipeline. I was looking for a solution about the cutscenes but could not find any. So here is it.

So I have a player character that I want to use in cutscenes between de missions. There is no loading screen, just my character moving to another cover. So, if I use the animation assets in the cutscenes, I cannot show the customized weapon and outfit that character is using, even if I can, because of the animation blueprint code is not working, hand positions and IK is wrong. And if I use my character blueprint, because transform change in cinematic is not applied as velocity, my character is also not walking properly. So I wanted to know how people manage the cutscenes? Do they spawn the character blueprint? Do they expose variables to cinematics and change it from there? Do they make the character fully controllable like “w a s d” and record the cinematic, and edit it? What is the proper way of doing this?

Thanks in advance.

Check out some unreal guides on sequencer, there are options specifically for spawning and controlling actors to play (e.g. the player actor).

You can just possess the character the player is controlling temporarily and start from there, you can load in a new character copy

As long as your AnimBP is linked up correctly, you shouldn’t have any animation issues that you wouldn’t have outside of the cinematic

What I can do is to calculate velocity with actor world location in animation blueprint. That way I can see the movement animation depending on the velocity of the character even in editor. And in cinematics it will calculate the velocity and animate the character properly. But I am not sure if this is a right way to do it so I am gonna show a screenshot about it.

Would this be a right way to do it?

I calculated the velocity myself in animation blueprint. Its dependent of delta time and works pretty good in cinematics as well. Thanks!