(blueprints) Im working on a Dragon Ball Z game and i need a team to continue developing my game

For more info e-mail me at or join my group on discord its called my name is .

A Dragon ball Z based Theme / style of game? Or Clearly the Dragon Ball Z franchise ? If you don’t have permission to use that Trademark etc, Be careful. Unless you have Permission under contract or tonnes of money and good Lawyers.

anything like this ? http://store.steampowered.com/app/678950/DRAGON_BALL_FighterZ/

what kind of game it will be? Ie. rpg, or some fighting game. Top down shooter or some card game in VR?
What is state of your game, is it animation heavy, multiplayer, or single, or maybe mmo?

I am guessing now, that it will be animation heavy fighting game. Do you have characters and animations ready? Because without that its quite hard to program fighting game (making animation blueprints without animations is hard). It you want multiplayer do you make that game for steam, ios or android, or consoles. How do you want your backend services done, do you have already somebody working on it. There is a lot to coding game, and you provided zero information here.

You know you should write a bit more in those topics.