Blueprints have reference to grandparent when a component is added to that grandparent

I was recently cleaning up some assets in the editor when I came across a group that where all referencing the parent and grandparent in the reference viewer. This also isn’t a bug with the reference viewer as change the name and cleaning up the redirector also seem to follow this trend. After a lot of investigation in engine this is what I can see happening with default actors.

Create a blueprint extending Actor class this is “Actor A”

Create a child blueprint class of Actor A this is “Actor B”

Create a child blueprint class of Actor B this is “Actor C”

To begin with everything looks fine Actor C references Actor B which references actor A.

However when I add a component to Actor A and then compile Actor A, B and C suddenly Actor C references both actor B and Actor A

When removing the component the references stay like this and seem unable to revery back to normal.
Any ideas what could be causing this and if this could be having any effects to the performance of the engine, editor or game?

Thanks, Tom

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I have the same problem. If anyone know?