Blueprints gone after engine switch


I want to switch my engine version from 4.27.1 to 4.26.2, but after I start the editor almost all of my blueprints are gone?

The Uasset-Files are still in the corret location, but the blueprints are not visible any more.

Both engine verions where source builds.

Yup, you can’t go backwards in versions I’m afraid. Your blueprints are there, but the editor can’t understand them…

Tricky. Can’t recommend a direction solution I’m afraid. But trying to go backwards won’t work.

I use the plugin to talk to steam, it’s good. Maybe it can get you out of a hole:

I guess I have to find an other way to migrate back to 4.26.2 or wait until a newer version.

Why did you go back?

I have an issue with steam, the dedicaed server outputs on a connection attempt:

[2021.10.19-16.28.01:306][877]LogOnline: Warning: STEAM: AUTH HANDLER: User has not sent ticket and requesting results.
[2021.10.19-16.28.01:307][877]LogNet: Warning: PacketHander isn't fully initialized and also didn't fully consume a packet! This will cause the connection to try to send a packet before the initial packet sequence has been established. Ignoring. Connection: {my connection info}

I don’t know how to fix it, but this message does not occur on an older build with the 4.26.2.