Blueprints general search ( option missing ) vs Blueprints specific node search ( option available )

So, im new to Unreal engine, but this one thing i noticed is, when i tried to search for this blueprint in search menu it didn’t offer me this result. Only when i dragged string out from player controller it offered me a different search result. Thought right click does search within all blueprints, but i guess turns out there are some specific BP that doesn’t show up, unless you drag out a string from certain section…

It’s because of that context sensitive checkbox in the upper right. This tries to limit the options to things that you might actually want. So in the first case, ‘Set View Target with Blend’ is a member function of Player Controller so it (usually) doesn’t make a lot of sense for it to clutter the options unless you’ve already got a Controller from somewhere to call it.

Edit: And it doesn’t show ‘Set Focus to Game Viewport’ in the first case because the Player Controller you’ve pulled off isn’t a valid input to the function so the menu doesn’t think you’d have any reason to call it, so it’s been omitted from the top listing.

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